PAM does creative advertising for the Ergonomen in the B2B segment

For the management consultancy Die Ergonomen Usability AG, the Zurich agency PAM Advertising developed the positioning, the slogan and an advertising campaign.


As specialists in usability, user experience and behavioral economics, ergonomists always approach things from the user's perspective. They simplify complex things for users - be it products, services or processes. For the clients of the ergonomists, this results in higher customer satisfaction, increased sales, less service effort, more project security and lower risks.

To this end, PAM has developed a positioning for the ergonomists: The consultancy that doesn't get lost in theory babble, but puts user-friendliness above all else when it comes to solutions for the user. The slogan "User-friendly greetings" is intended to express this.

In addition to the positioning and slogan, the agency created three advertisements that refer to the expertise of Ergonomen. The ads appear in Netzwoche and IT-Markt.


Responsible at Die Ergonomen Usability AG: Marc Bloch Sommer (CEO), Dr. Christopher H. Müller (Owner, Expert Consultant). Responsible at PAM Advertising: Parvez Sheik Fareed, Miro Pfister (creation, strategy).

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