TKF makes compliments for Aids-Hilfe Schweiz against the beauty craze

Not good enough, not sexy enough, not successful enough... Especially in the gay scene there is a lot of pressure to fit into a certain image. With an awareness campaign, the Swiss Aids Federation and TKF call for more attentiveness and body positivity in the community. And they do so succinctly and crisply with the claim: "Super. As you are".


The prevailing body ideals in the community as well as discriminatory experiences in the heteronormative world lead to low self-esteem for many queers. To change this, the "Super" campaign for the Swiss AIDS Federation relied on an almost old-fashioned concept: the compliment.

In a campaign orchestrated across all online and offline channels, the LGBTQ community was invited to throw compliments around generously. Inspiration for this was not only to be found on the landing page give. Influencers from the community also took up the ball and encouraged their followers to spread the message. 

The idea behind it: Increased self-esteem has a positive effect on personal willingness to get tested regularly for STIs, which is a central goal in the prevention work of AIDS Relief Switzerland. The campaign therefore linked the body positivity message with a special test offer. And with success, as TKF writes: In the campaign period of two months, a total of 2,763 STI tests were carried out.


Responsible at the Swiss Aids Federation: Andreas Lehner (Managing Director), Florian Vock (Project Manager). Responsible at TKF: Alexander Fürer, Matthias Eberle, Nina Boschetti (Creation), Tim Stockmar (Creative Direction), Larissa Ebneter (Consulting), Jan Thoma (Development).

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