TBS and the City of Zurich make life a little easier

The city of Zurich is offering more and more services online. TBS shows the advantages of digitalization close to city life - surprising and self-confident.


With the new online services of the city of Zurich, visits to the authorities will become superfluous for many future matters. For the diverse range of services, TBS developed a consistent campaign concept that picks up on the most diverse target groups and at the same time always refers to the city as the sender. 


Making life a little easier

Seemingly contradictory headlines arouse curiosity and start the mental cinema. About situations that arise directly from the everyday life of Zurich residents: relaxed visits to the authorities in pyjamas, after the crime scene or directly from the Uetliberg. In this way, the campaign aims to highlight new possibilities and conveniences that e-services bring with them. 

The appearance in the city's new corporate design with large letters, bright signal colours and striking colour combinations is intended to attract attention and create a high level of recognition. The city has not been seen like this before.


Close to life - also in targeting

The campaign was aligned along the customer journey of the respective services: Posters provide visibility and sympathy among the general city population, online is deepened, in the office visitors are effectively informed that they could save this way in the future. Via online banners, social media posts and mailings, specific target groups are addressed with pinpoint accuracy, such as architects and building contractors for the e-building application.


Responsible at the City of Zurich: Martin Otzenberger, Sara Eichrodt (Organisation und Informatik Zürich); Lucas Bally, Nora Eichhorn (Building Department); Anne-Kathleen von der Heyde (Office for Building Permits). Responsible Agency: TBS Brand Partner.

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