Wirz entertains for M-Budget with low price and breakdowns

Wirz is implementing a nationwide campaign with lots of moving images for M-Budget. A total of six spots on TV and online, as well as posters and image ads, communicate the message: Low-price guarantee on all products. What happens around it in everyday life, however, is without guarantee.


Discount stores are more in demand than ever. How do you get the Swiss population to think more strongly of Migros when it comes to low prices? By giving the M-Budget own brand a direct and unconventional appearance - as is already familiar from the brand.


No guarantee in everyday life

With Wirz's message "Low price guaranteed. Everything else not.", everyday life is staged with all its pitfalls. From pants that fit too low to uncontrollable washing machines and ill-bred dogs, it's all there. The only sure thing in the whole scene are the M-Budget products and their low prices.

Honest and straight from life - with these values plus a dash of originality from M-Budget, the communication follows Migros' new direction. Once again, a wider target group of young families and singles will benefit from M-Budget advertising. The range is also being expanded to include many everyday items, which are now available in the unmistakable M-Budget packaging - with a refreshed design. The green and white look will be retained. The campaign can be seen on TV, OOH, in print media, online and on social media since Monday.


Responsible at MGB: Franziska Coninx (Head of Department Private Label), Marc Zurbrügg (Brand Manager), Valeria Marra (Project Manager Media), Matthias Schneider (Head of Department Package Design), Graziella Soldini (Project Manager Package Design). Responsible at Wirz: Lorenz Clormann, Marcus Josty, Anna Leudolph, Zara Velchev, Evelyn Schellenberg, Adrian Busse (creation); Erasmo Palomba, Nadja Kilchhofer (agency producing); Vanessa Lehmann-Spalleck, Antonia Sturzeis (consulting); Thomas Peller, Ruedi Boller, Corinne Räber (media realization); Rino Frei (image editing); Nathalie Reichmuth (XLAB). Responsible at Hillton (film production): Luca Zurfluh, Jannis Davi (edit); Luca Zurfluh (director); Rafael Kistler (director of photography); Jingle Jungle (scoring); Martina Meier (photographer). Responsible at Dentsu Switzerland and Webrepublic: Jannis Fatseas (Dentsu), Marc von Büren (Dentsu), Stefanie Bronhofer (Dentsu), Romana Thoma (Dentsu), Meret Jean-Petit (Webrepublic).

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