Erdmannpeisker and Swisslos make for happy WINnights

In addition to the Million Ticket, there are other scratch cards from Swisslos that make a good gift during the Christmas season. Erdmannpeisker has staged this accordingly with a new 2020 Christmas campaign.


In the campaign, four lottery tickets from Swisslos' extensive range are animated in 3D in a funny and entertaining way. With a choreography, the lottery tickets dance their way into people's heads and are meant to remind them that scratch cards make good gifts.

The spots are used as e-panels, on passenger TV and at the POS. In addition, a key visual was generated on the basis of the spot, which was adapted to print media for POS or digital advertising media.


Responsible at Swisslos Intercantonal National Lottery: Rolf Kunz (Head of Marketing & Distribution), Anouk Grünert (Head of Product Management Lots), Daniela Zwick (Product Management Lots). Responsible at Erdmannpeisker: Gabriel Peisker (Creative Direction), Patrick Fawer, Jenny Ziörjen (Art Direction), Rainer Neusius, (Consulting). Responsible at Markenfilm: Ulrich Scheper (Executive Producer), Christoper Graage (Digital Producer).

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