Seed sends heartwarming ETH holiday greetings

The film production company Seed has filmed a short Christmas story for ETH Zurich.


ETH Zurich has sent out a special Christmas greeting for the 2020 festive season. The story revolves around a robot that has to make up for a mistake. To do so, he creates a very special Christmas tree out of concrete.

However, there is more behind the story: namely ETH Zurich's ambition to contribute to social progress through teaching and research. Digital manufacturing technologies in architecture have, among other things, the potential to build with less concrete in a way that conserves resources. 

Seed developed and realized the film in close cooperation with the university communication and the team of the professorship "Digital Building Technologies" at ETH Zurich. The film was directed by Janos Menberg.

Responsible at ETH Zurich: Nicole Klenk, Simon Zogg (project management); Ana Anton (researcher and performer); Eleni Skevaki, Ana Anton (design and production of the tree); Michael Lyrenmann, Philippe Fleischmann, Tobias Hartmann, Andreas Reusser (technical support in the Robotic Fabrication Lab); Benjamin Dillenburger, Digital Building Technologies (support and consulting). Responsible at Seed Audio-Visual Communication: Janos Menberg (script, direction and offline editing); Bastian Hertel, Bettina Frymerman (production management); Atila Ulcay (camera); Nico Cavegn (lighting); David Hohl (music); Nicolas Bechtel, Pascal Holzer (online editing); Simon Hardegger (color grading); Janos Menberg, Axel Crettenand (video material 3D printing); Felix Courvoisier (producer).

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