Digitalswitzerland wants to promote young STEM talent in Switzerland with a campaign

Together with Pro Juventute, Digitalswitzerland is committed to raising awareness of "STEM" professions among the next generation with a newly launched campaign entitled "The solution is you!". 


Few young people in Switzerland opt for training in the "MINT" fields of mathematics, information technology, natural sciences and technology. Yet these skills are in high demand on the labour market. In the ICT sector alone, there will be a shortage of 120,000 experts by the end of 2030. For the entire STEM sector, this figure is many times higher.

In doing so, STEM skills are part of the solution to pressing social challenges such as climate change and the environment, medicine and health, agriculture and food, transport, sustainability and much more. Young people can become part of this solution. Under the motto "The solution is you!", young people as well as their parents and other caregivers are to be informed about the opportunities of STEM with the help of a value-based, national umbrella campaign and at the same time their interest in it is to be promoted. 

"The gap between supply and demand in the labour market is widening as the need for skilled workers grows faster than the number of qualified young professionals," explains Danièle Castle, Senior Director Education&Talent at Digitalswitzerland. "Progress is urgently needed. The campaign aims to make a positive and lasting contribution. More young people, especially women, need to be convinced of the benefits of STEM studies or vocational training."


Arousing enthusiasm with role models

Many children, adolescents and young adults know too little about their competencies. Yet they move in the digital space every day and place environmental and climate issues high on their list of priorities in surveys. However, inspiring examples and role models are often not visible enough. This is where the campaign comes in. The core of the campaign is a Video series with over 20 different contributions from young women and men who have chosen a STEM profession. The aim is to show what is possible with such professions. Together with Pro Juventute, existing initiatives and inspiring content are combined into an effective umbrella campaign.

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