Yellow leads pool professional into new waters

The private swimming pool builder Poolprofi is sharpening its strategic market positioning and repositioning its brand. Together with process partner Yellow, the family business was aligned with a purpose that forms the basis for new services and the brand presence.


In the first phase of the strategy process, which lasted several months, those responsible at Poolprofi worked together with the agency on a differentiating market positioning. A purpose was developed as a strategic and operational control instrument, according to which the future offer will be aligned and the brand presence will be built up.

The first concrete measure is the comprehensive relaunch of the brand. The designers at Yellow have gently modified the figurative mark, which is established and registered in the market, and embedded it in a flexible design and colour system. The new look is optimized for maximum flexibility, which facilitates rolling adaptation to all applications for the SME. The Arizona Pool brand was also adapted to the strategic realignment and integrated into the world of the umbrella brand.


Responsible at Poolprofi: Rolf Richterich (CEO/Owner), Silvia Fürst (Marketing). Responsible at Yellow: Reto Meyer (Ambassador), Hannes Müller (Strategist), Selina Teuber (Treasurer and Planner), Adrian Gertsch (Conceptual Designer), Pascal Rehmann (Conceptual Designer).

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