Thjnk Zurich and Denner help to avoid wine faux pas

The digital wine advisor from Denner helps to choose the right wine. Thjnk Zurich promotes the advisor with two spots.


You can simply enjoy a good wine for yourself. Or - if you want - you can also philosophize about it at length. In the process, words are often used that you don't understand as a simple connoisseur, because wine science is almost a language in itself. Thjnk Zurich takes up this fact to promote the new digital wine advisor of Denner with its different functionalities.

Two spots show a protagonist in her world of thoughts, in which she tries to understand the wine language and to assign the terms - she only succeeds in a slightly absurd way. But that doesn't matter at all, because with the wine advisor from Denner, you can find the right wine: On the one hand, you can create your own enjoyment profile and get the right wines suggested for your specific taste. On the other hand, the wine consultant helps with one of the most important questions in the wine universe: Which drop goes with which food? Thus, the wine consultant is also meant to benefit non-professionals - and to avoid possible pitfalls.

The spots will run on TV and the web from now until the new year.


Responsible at Denner: Rémy Müller (Head of Marketing Communication & E-Commerce), Pascal Trütsch (Deputy Head of Marketing Communication). Responsible at Thjnk Zurich: Alexander Jaggy (GF Creation), Adrian Merz, Samuel Wicki (Creative Direction), Andrea Bison (GF Consulting), Angela Cristofari (Consulting), Gordon Nemitz (GF Strategy). Responsible at Zweihund Film: Jonas Meier (Director), Mike Raths (Postproduction), Daryl Hefti (Camera) Niels Vije (Producer); Tonstudios Z (Sound Studio).

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