Rosarot and Orell Füssli help to create the perfect gift

Finding the right gift for someone is no walk in the park for many people. This year Orell Füssli is offering guidance in this respect: six different characters are used to present precisely those books and ideas which are best suited to a particular reading type. Rosarot was commissioned with the conceptual development of the campaign idea.


If you know who you want to please for Christmas, but not with what, then Heidi Herzsprung, Nevin Nervenkitzel and Co. are currently helping you. The characters developed by the bookseller Orell Füssli, named by Rosarot and drawn by the illustrator Charlotte du Jour each stand for very specific reading types, with which gift ideas for bookworms, gourmets, crime fiction fans, romantics, those with a thirst for knowledge or visionaries can be found with ease.

The ideas are available online at and in every Orell Füssli bookshop. The Zurich agency Rosarot was responsible for developing the campaign. Their names, the respective type descriptions on the website and the print and online campaign were created on the basis of the characters. This can currently be seen across the board on posters and social media and, of course, at the POS.


Responsible at Orell Füssli: Marco Imholz (Advertising Team Leader). Responsible at Rosarot: Nadine Ticozzelli (Senior Consulting), Thorsten Hainke (Senior Text), Dirk Schilling (Text). Responsible at Marie Bastille: Charlotte du Jour (illustration). Responsible at Flowcube Communications: Lukas Keller (Media Relations).

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