Monami realizes POV job videos for Swica

For Swica's new career website, Monami created five dynamic clips that present the variety of professions and the daily work of the employees in a slightly different way.


Whether it's a doctor in telemedicine or an IT project manager: five different professions are presented in moving image form on the new Swica landing page. And this is different from what one is used to seeing in such videos. "Such job clips on websites usually come across as rather dry and long-winded, spoken frontally into the camera, tending to be badly acted," notes Monami project manager Tim Schaerer. "So we chose a completely different approach."

In a pitch, the Monami idea of a POV campaign finally prevailed. A lot of movement in the first-person perspective, paired with animated elements - yet portrayed by the Swica employees themselves. The clips are available in three languages and are complemented by various ad formats for social media.

With this campaign, Monami continues on its path from a social media agency to a content, digital and creative agency. "We no longer just create for the social platforms," says Schaerer, "but simply want to generate the best possible content, regardless of the channel.

Responsible at Monami: Tim Schaerer (project lead), Valentin Mattes (production), Gregory Hedrich (animation), Nathalie Krebser (design), Fathima Ifthikar (creation), Adriel Pfister (grading), David Cappellini (overall responsibility).

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