"Switzerland is learning...": Caritas and One Marketing raise awareness

With the campaign "Switzerland is learning...", Caritas Switzerland and One Marketing are pointing out that there are people whose lives were already marked by fears, abandonment and social isolation before the pandemic - and that their precarious situation has been exacerbated by Corona.


Poverty in rich Switzerland is still taboo. Those affected suffer from stigmatisation and discrimination, as they are not infrequently accused of being self-inflicted and lazy. The fact that Caritas Switzerland is coming to the public with this difficult topic right now is no coincidence: Corona drastically exacerbates poverty in Switzerland. Suddenly, each of us knows someone who has lost their job due to the harsh measures or who is still barely able to keep their head above water with short-time work compensation. But for those who were already struggling, the crisis threatens to break their neck. Caritas cushions the existential pressure with its wide-ranging assistance services such as financial bridging aid, the Caritas markets or social and debt counselling.


Relation between protective measures and burden

In the campaign, One Marketing makes a surprising, emotional and topical link between the protective measures imposed by the FOPH and the burden of people living in poverty in Switzerland. How heavy is the renunciation of big events for Lars, when he could not have afforded a ticket anyway? And what more can the minimum distance do to Roberto, whose friends distanced themselves from him a long time ago?

In order to protect the personalities of those affected by poverty, the agency deliberately used the image database Getty Images for the portraits. They are meant to represent the more than 1.2 million people in Switzerland who were already living at subsistence level before Corona and who do not want to reveal their identity because of the painful stigmatization.


Donation campaign to shake things up

The campaign "Switzerland is learning..." aims to shake things up, call for solidarity and generate donations for the fight against poverty in Switzerland. In order to bundle the non-profit organisation's advertising media, the out-of-home measures are concentrated on commuter traffic in the conurbations of Basel, Bern, Geneva, Lausanne, Lucerne and Zurich.

E-boards, e-panels, public transport screens, tram trailers, mailings, advertisements, display ads, social media ads and the landing page were implemented. Caritas.ch/corona. The campaign started on Monday and will run until December 20, 2020.


Responsible at Caritas Switzerland: Elisabeth Karagiannis, Reto Urech, Stefan Gribi, Nicole Lehnherr. Responsible at One Mmarketing LSA: Ruth Wagner, Stephanie Ramseier.

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