Art.i.schock starts fundraising with Zurich bars and clubs

The Bar & Club Commission (BCK) Zurich is calling for donations for Zurich's nightlife. Despite the support of the federal government and the canton, there will be hardship cases because of the Corona crisis. The Zurich agency Art.i.schock supported the BCK with the conception and implementation.


Zurich's clubs, including the Hive Club (pictured), are currently closed due to the Corona pandemic. The Bar & Club Commission Zurich is now appealing for donations. (Image: Keystone/Ennio Leanza)

The Fundraising Campaign runs under the motto "Für e gueti Nacht - Ausgeben statt Ausgehen" ("For a good night - spending instead of going out"), BCK Zurich announced on Friday. The money donated will go to the newly created Zurich Night Culture Fund, the BCK Zurich or charitable organizations, depending on the wish.

The resources of the Night Culture Fund are to be used for the benefit of night culture companies based in the city of Zurich and individuals resident in the canton of Zurich. The allocation of the funds is linked to a set of regulations. The decisive criterion is that added value is created for Zurich's nightlife.

Money received by BCK is to be used for lobbying in favour of the industry. Part of the donations will also go to Swiss Solidarity's "Coronavirus Switzerland" and the Zurich campaign "Food for All". (SDA/pd/swi)

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