CRK launches real-life campaign for long-term care

Curaviva Switzerland, Spitex Switzerland and OdASanté are relaunching the campaign to promote careers in long-term care with a true life story and a focus on the care professionals of today and tomorrow. CRK developed, planned and implemented the campaign.


3,000 nursing specialists: that's how many newly trained specialists Switzerland needs each year to effectively counter the shortage of skilled workers in long-term care. The industry associations Curaviva Switzerland, Spitex Switzerland and OdASanté are therefore intensifying their efforts to get even more people interested in the long-term care professions. The central information platform Long-term holds the multifaceted arguments that speak for a commitment to long-term care.


Consistent focus on skilled workers of the future 

Working in long-term care means advancing both humanly and professionally. The "Karriere machen als Mensch" campaign focuses on life and interpersonal relationships as the heart of long-term care and provides detailed information on the many different educational and career paths available. It provides insights into everyday working life in retirement and nursing homes and at Spitex. The campaign raises awareness and aims to bring the interesting prospects of long-term care closer to the younger generations in particular - in an honest way, with a lively social media presence and using real examples and life stories.


The eventful life of Rosemarie as an animated film 

An emotional short film portrays the eventful life of Rosemarie - from her experiences in the war, the pain of separation and the joy of reunion, to the moment when she tells her story to Livio, who is studying nursing and caring for her. Long-term care requires a profound professional competence and allows, at the same time, to respond to intense interpersonal relationships and to participate in exciting life stories. Or even to become a part of them.


Responsible at Curaviva: Theres Gotsch-Hinden (Project Manager, Head of Education Projects). Responsible at Spitex: Francesca Heiniger (Head of Communications/Marketing). Responsible at Odasanté: Luca D'Alessandro (Communications Manager). Responsible at CRK: Stefan Batzli (overall responsibility); Caroline Hulliger (project manager); Stefan Glantschnig (PR and media); Christian Bircher (CD); Christina Utz (head of digital); Farah Choudry, Jessica Gomilsek, Céline Stampfli (consulting, social media); Filip Wolfensberger, Olga Borda, Nuran Reber (creation); Cubetech (website); (film); Dominik Zietlow (portraits / film); Franz Rindlisbacher, Anne Morgenstern (photo); Nina Merli (text).

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