Jumbo controls with Dept product feed according to weather and geodata

What's the weather like today? Depending on whether the sun is shining or it's raining, do-it-yourselfers and hobbyists plan their purchases differently. That's why Jumbo has defined different weather conditions and put together merchandise groups and products to match.


Visitors to the online store find offers that match their local weather situation. The banner ads they see on other websites are also adapted to their local weather conditions. Dept implemented this solution for their long-term client with a data-driven and user-centric approach.

"Weather is an important trigger for our customers. A good example is the purchase of a pool, which is strongly influenced by summer temperatures. Or: after three hot and humid nights, the need for air conditioning units also increases noticeably. We want to use this insight to increase the relevance of the respective regional flights," says Beat Kronenberg, Head of Customers at Jumbo.

In this way, the banner advertising for the online offer is targeted to the respective user based on data. Based on the geodata and the specific weather conditions on site, the customer receives the offers that are suitable for him.

The Dept team built the campaign across 350 different cities and towns, and Jumbo also extended it to DOOH (digital out of home). Thanks to proximity targeting, dynamic text and animated weather icons, it can be used in three languages for the whole of Switzerland. Based on longitude and latitude, current weather data is retrieved and tabulated with past and forecast weather information such as temperature and precipitation.

Based on this set of rules, each advertising booking is marked with the corresponding weather scenario. Depending on the geographical and meteorological starting point, the various creative elements are then activated automatically. Beat Kronenberg is satisfied: "In concrete terms, this allows us to increase media pressure when the highest return is possible."


Responsible at Jumbo Markt: Beat Kronenberg, Head of Customers, Caroline Barodte (Media & Digital Manager). Responsible at Dept Switzerland: Mirjam Urben (Senior Programmatic Specialist), Tobias Link (Consultant), Lorena Pati (Data Specialist) and Jens Hüpperling (Business Engineer)

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