Wirz and Suva warn: An accident at work also affects colleagues

Suva helps people who have suffered an accident to return to work as quickly as possible. Why this is good for everyone is the subject of the film "We miss you", which was conceived by Wirz and humorously exaggerates the suffering of work colleagues.


Suva places great emphasis on the rapid reintegration of accident victims, but also relies heavily on the social environment of the injured. The "Return to Work" campaign is therefore all about the consequences of an accident for the friends and colleagues of the accident victim, based on the insight: "If you're missing, you're missed".

In typical Suva communication style, the fundamentally serious issue is staged with humour and emotion. The heart of the campaign is a 40-second film developed by Wirz and realized with director Tobi Fueter and Stories. It shows the inconsolable strong men from the construction site who go to great lengths to send a message to their missing colleague.

The core message "We miss you" is played out via TV and online spots in various formats.



Responsible at Suva: Nadja Kunz Rütimann (Head of Communications); Gabriela Hübscher (Head of Communications). Responsible at Wirz: Livio Dainese, Fernando Perez, Alain Eicher, Caspar Heuss, Matthias Fürst, Jannic Mascello, Elena Gabriel, Nicola Peter, Lia Bellini (creation); Erasmo Palomba, Nadja Kilchhofer (agency producing); Petra Dreyfus, Simone Jehle, Fabiana Imhof, Larissa Braun, Barbara Waldvogel (Consulting); Urs Krucker, Martin Frank (Strategy); Thomas Peller, Sonja Jegen (Media Realisation); Adrian Huwyler (XLAB). Stories (film production), Tobi Fueter (direction); Holger Diener (director of photography); Nicole Spring (head of production); Benjamin Fueter (editing); Goodbye Kansas (VFX), Noë Flum (photography), Patrik Rohner (retouching), Maria Schönbucher (key visual production), Jingle Jungle (audio post-production), Andy Platts (vocals, Monty Music / Universal Music).

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