Bernerland Bank and Republica take care

Republica created a campaign for Bernerland Bank on financial and pension planning. The creative agency looked ahead to the year 2035 in terms of savings and pensions.


Bernerland Bank is a medium-sized, regionally active bank in Emmental and Oberaargau. Around 80 employees work in one of the nine branches or at the head office in Sumiswald. The bank offers customized solutions for private individuals and SMEs in the areas of payments and cards, savings and investments, financing and pensions.

Republica was tasked with creating a campaign for the main target group of today's 50-year-olds, which brings the bank's financial and pension planning to life in a playful way. The main goal was to generate advisory appointments on these topics and to strengthen the bank's image as a reliable partner.

The creative agency in Berner Matte relied on the two pillars of customer mailings and posters. The headlines used were adapted to the situation depending on the location of the poster site. For example, at various regional train stations, the question was "Are you changing trains in 2035 or getting off?" At gas stations, the appropriate thought-provoking question was "Where will you be driving in 2035?"

Another important measure of the campaign was a physical mailing for existing customers, which was equipped with a "Win-For-Life" lottery ticket. Whether the addressee won with the ticket or not - the accompanying letter showed that a consultation makes sense either way.


201104_Poster MockUp Vert and Horiz

Responsible at Bernerland Bank: Sina Johnsen (Member Corporate Development, Head of Marketing). Responsible agency: Republica.

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