Thjnk Zurich and Hotz Brand Consultants launch CSX for Credit Suisse

With its "CSX" and "CSX Young" products, Credit Suisse is launching a new digital offering. The product brand was developed with Hotz Brand Consultants, and the launch campaign was created by Thjnk Zurich.

Thjnk Zürich

With CSX, all banking transactions can be carried out via app on the smartphone. In addition, there is an online-capable debit mastercard for free international transactions and various self-service functions in the areas of investment and retirement planning. The offering is to be steadily expanded in the coming months.


New product brand

Credit Suisse worked closely with Hotz Brand Consultants to develop and realize the new product brand. In addition to the brand strategy and architecture, the agency also developed the design for CSX and worked intensively with the Credit Suisse UX/UI team on the digital experience of CSX.


Launch campaign asks and answers questions

For the holistic launch campaign draws - as already done for the "Bank for Entrepreneurs" campaign -Thjnk Zurich. In close collaboration, a campaign platform was developed from the customer's point of view. The question "Can't you be a little less bank and a little more app?" is on the one hand the voice of the target group and on the other hand the mindset on which all advertising measures are based. "In all advertising materials, concrete and sometimes challenging questions are posed to the old banking world, which we at Credit Suisse then answer just as concretely: Sure it's possible," says Judith Schulte, Head Marketing Initiatives & Advertising at Credit Suisse.


Customer Call

The centerpiece of the campaign is the film "Customer Call," which was realized entirely in Switzerland with director Martin Werner. The individual vignettes of the film and the print implementations are independent - and at the same time a tongue-in-cheek homage to well-known scenes from pop culture.

The 360-degree campaign starts at the end of October at the awareness level, continues through the consideration level, and ends at the performance level in mid-January of next year. In addition to TV, OOH and POS, various digital and social advertising media segmented by target groups and driven by data will be used, flanked by content partnerships and an influencer campaign.

Thjnk Zürich

Responsible at Credit Suisse: Roman Reichelt (Chief Marketing Officer); Judith Schulte (Head Marketing Initiatives & Advertising); Anja Herrmann (Head Marketing Private Clients); Marisa Piffari, Susanne Bill, Kendra Überholz (Marketing Private Clients); Tanja Klotz (Media Strategy & Planning); Thierry Pool (Head Digital, Content & Data Marketing); Simon Bietenhader, Melanie Rosner (Online Campaigns & Projects); Dang Nguyen (COO, Head Marketing Strategy & Analysis); Nicole Fuchs, Lauren Meister (Strategy & Planning). Responsible at Thjnk Zurich: Alexander Jaggy (GF Creation); Adrian Merz, Torben Otten, Georg Baur (Creative Direction); Lukas Amgwerd (Text); Lukas Frischknecht, Leandro Disler (Art Direction); Calvin Kröhne (Digital Direction); Andrea Bison (GF Consulting); Marie Vuilleumier, Angela Cristofari (Consulting); Gordon Nemitz (GF Strategy). Responsible at Hotz Brand Consultants: Chris Steinacker (GF, Head of Strategy); Patrick Ensslin (Brand Experience Director); Selina Zeder (Brand Impact Manager); Marc Übelhart (Brand Designer); Louise Riis Ruggaber (Senior Brand Designer), Daniel Severin (Senior Brand Interaction Designer); Djamel M'Rad (Brand Interaction Designer). External partners: Pumpkin Film: Martin Werner (director); Jan Mettler (cinematographer); Per Kasch (photographer); Stefanie Brand (producer); Claudia Brand (postproduction producer); Rasmus Bille Bahnke (music); Ballad (sound design); Jingle Jungle (recording studio); BaconX (grading/VFX); Südlich-t (online); Media: MediaCom, Webrepublic, Swiss Online Publishing.

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