Wunderman Thompson ushers in new era for Audi

Audi's new global brand campaign redefines "Vorsprung durch Technik". Wunderman Thompson, Audi and MediaCom have created a multimedia campaign.


Audi launched a new, global brand campaign at the beginning of October. The slogan "Future is an attitude" is intended to drive the transformation to sustainable and digital premium mobility. In addition to technological progress, the focus is also to be increasingly on human needs and values.

The all-electric Audi e-tron models serve as the campaign's driving force. In moving images and print, natural light, warm colors and unconventional angles were used, in which people take a place in the foreground.

"The dedicated coordination of TV, print, digital and social media enables versatile visibility with high reach. Premium placements ensure optimal performance, while parallel mobile spots also reach second-screen users. Other digital special advertising formats with spot integration and large format selection on premium environments guarantee the best possible placement of the message in our target group. Innovative interactive formats also enable the communication approach "Future is an attitude" to be experienced directly," explains Katharina Momani, Head of Marketing Audi Switzerland. On the new Progress Audi web platform, all content is brought together and users are offered further background stories.

The campaign can be seen in Switzerland from October to the end of December on TV, in advertisements, on large-scale online formats such as NZZ Video Wall and Watson Branding Day, interactive banners, InArticle videos and on YouTube. Furthermore, a broad-based communication on the social media platforms Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Pinterest is planned. For dealer communication, email binders and advertisements have been created.

Responsible at Audi: Katharina Momani (Head of Marketing), Franziska Schmidt (Teamleader Marketing Communication), Magdalena Rettich (Marketing Communication Manager), Rafael Wolter (Digital Marketing Manager). Responsible at Wunderman Thompson: Stephanie Belvedere, Marika Magnuszewska (Art Director), Winfried Schneider (Senior Copywriter), Kim Prinzing (Production), Sandro Tschuor (Head Client Service), Franziska Saxer, Marcus Aeberhard (Client Service). Responsible at MediaCom: Agron Gjini (Senior Communication Consultant), Stephanie Dirscherl (Communication Planning Manager), Filip Pujic (Senior Digital Specialist), Gerhard Schuller (Digital Specialist). Responsible at Swiss Online Publishing: Johanna Schmid (Account Management & Project Management), Nicoletta Wartmann (Art Director), Juliana Göhner (Publishing & AdManagement), Myriam Blal (Account Lead Audi), Julian Schweizer (Managing Partner).

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