Wirz advertises Swica with over-motivated testimonials

Swica: a company that demonstrably has the most satisfied customers. And advertises this by having these very same customers make positive comments about the company in front of a camera: That's exactly how banal, boring advertising works. Or not, as Wirz's current campaign shows.


A young woman from Graubünden, a pensioner with a dog, a father from Ticino and a young couple, all talking enthusiastically about their health insurance: That doesn't exactly sound like a creative campaign. 

But when the statements are as effusive as they are here and the company itself puts them into perspective with disarming honesty and the sentence "No customer talks about us like that", then both attention and entertainment value increase. 


Do not take yourself too seriously

Four films and corresponding radio spots form the core of the campaign, which has been running since Monday. In addition to the videos in various online formats, display banners, large-scale video branding formats and various social media ads including a competition on Swicalove.ch the campaign.


Responsible at Swica: Michael Schneider (Head of Marketing), Helena Gubernale (Head of Online Marketing), Remo Tanner (Head of Marketing Services). Responsible at Wirz: Livio Dainese, Caspar Heuss, Thomas Kurzmeyer, Jannic Mascello, Adrian Busse, Johannes Raggio (creation); Erasmo Palomba (agency producing); Petra Dreyfus, Catrin Bewersdorff, Manuela Bührer, Jelena Vujcic (consulting); Urs Krucker (strategy); Thomas Peller, Bettina Beyeler (media realisation); Adrian Huwyler, Nico Keramaris, Björn Bippus-Brender, Angelo Mabellini, Nathalie Reichmuth (XLAB); Dynamic Frame (film production); Luzius Fischer (producer); Kilian Lilienfeld (AL/AD); Claudio Sipka (edit); Maximilian Speidel (director); Jonas Fischer (director of photography); Roland Frei, Bloop (scoring); 1up (programming).

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