Heads and the Zurich museums think: "You belong in a museum".

The Association of Zurich Museums is convinced that everyone can find something that comes close to them in the diversity of Zurich's museums. In the current campaign, Heads takes this conviction very literally.


"Discover the museums and find yourself." This the campaign approach, for which photos from the museums were to provide the proof. While researching images for the campaign, Heads graphic designer Marco Martoglio was caught up in reality: In the National Museum, he suddenly found himself standing in front of a "me" a hundred years older and realized that the campaign idea was not an advertising exaggeration. He had not only found himself, but unexpectedly became the first campaign subject.

Heads found other "doppelgangers" in the Succulent Collection, the Museum Haus Konstruktiv, the Nonam and the Kulturama Museum des Menschen. "We look forward to seeing many more Zurichers wandering through our museums for such discoveries and thus finding themselves," says Nicole Mayer, managing director of the Association of Zurich Museums.
The campaign launches Thursday will be used on F4 billboards, hanging posters on public transit, ads and on social media.


Responsible at the Association of Zurich Museums: Brigit Wehrli-Schindler (President), Nicole Mayer (Managing Director). Responsible at Heads Corporate Branding: Ralph Hermann (concept/text), Galina Helbling (consulting), Marco Simonetti (design), Marco Martoglio (graphics/photography) Roman von Arx (production).

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