Heimat Zürich and Charles Nguela hold sales pitch for Wingo

Heimat Zürich and comedian Charles Nguela lead a PowerPoint presentation in the second collaboration with Wingo.


Following the success of the campaign with Charles Nguela as the "poster clarifier", Wingo is once again relying on the comedian - and the Heimat Zürich agency - for the new campaign. This time, the offer is "Wingo Swiss", the hammer subscription with unlimited calls, SMS and equally unlimited Internet throughout Switzerland, which is only available for a short time.


For the new commercial, the Wingo agency Heimat Zürich also managed to cast top-class supporting roles. Charles Nguela, Charles Nguela, Charles Nguela and the well-known Swiss comedian Charles Nguela are also featured.


In der Romandie kommt eine mit Schauspieler Xavier Alfonso gedrehte Variante des Films zum Einsatz.  Neben den Hauptfilmen werden Kurzversionen in verschiedenen digitalen Werbeformaten zu sehen sein. Weitere Massnahmen mit derselben Besetzung sind laut Heimat Zürich bereits auf dem Weg.


Responsible at Wingo: Michael Jakob (Project Manager Communication), Sabrina Stalder (Brand Manager Wingo). Responsible Agency: Home Zurich. Directed by: Ari Zehnder. Film Production: Shining Pictures.

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