SumUp strengthens activities in Switzerland with comprehensive brand campaign

To further increase brand awareness in Switzerland, the financial technology provider SumUp has launched a campaign. The Berlin agency Bubbles Film is responsible for the cinematic implementation.


Financial technology provider SumUp, which has been operating in Switzerland since 2014, is stepping up its activities here. According to the analysis of current SumUp transaction data, cashless transactions, namely in bars and clubs, in the clothing and entertainment industries, have increased the most since the Covid 19-related lockdown in Switzerland.

"With the SumUp payment terminal and numerous, additional payment services, we want to make life easier for a wide range of entrepreneurs and merchants," explains Alexander von Schirmeister, Executive Vice President Europe at SumUp. "Our offering is summed up very appropriately with the slogan 'Complicated you know - Here is easy. ' in the current SumUp campaign."


"Complicated you know - here's simple."

The brand campaign launched in the German-speaking part of Switzerland focuses on typical everyday problems faced by SMEs and at the same time presents a simple solution for one of their key business areas: flexible and reliable payment solutions.

Through the commercial, merchants and end customers should get to know and appreciate the company SumUp and its simple, cost-effective payment methods. The spot was developed entirely in-house by SumUp and shot by Berlin-based production agency Bubbles Film.

The commercial will be broadcast on SRF 1, SRF 2 as well as SRF Info, among others.


Responsible at SumUp: Sibylle Jost (VP Marketing), Aina Abiodun (Head of Brand), Hanna Wagner, Pauline Laggoun, Isabel Seip, Lili-Jane Giordano (Brand Managers), Paula Gutierrez Gomez (Offline Media). Responsible at Bubbles Film: Frank Hasselbach (Producer), Maximilan Kempe (Film Director), Anja Michel (Art Director), Franziska-Maria Kaul (Copywriter).

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