Rod and Migros Bank: Hard work should be rewarded

In an investment campaign for Migros Bank, Rod Kommunikation dramatizes how hard many people work for their money.


If you work hard every day, you should get something out of it - this is what the new campaign of Migros Bank, which was conceived and implemented together with Rod Kommunikation, dramatizes. In various subjects, it is shown in an exaggerated and comprehensible way how much work it takes to be able to put something aside. And those who work hard for their money also want to know that it is in the best hands - the hands of investment professionals.

Migros Bank has investment specialists who know exactly how much hard work is behind an asset and who make no difference whether that asset is larger or smaller. That's why Migros Bank offers careful and absolutely transparent asset management from as little as CHF 5,000, with the promise: "Migros Bank invests your money as if it were its own."

The campaign appears as an online spot, on online banners, in social media, as a display and programmatic online campaign, digital out-of-home, ePanels, on billboards and ads.


Responsible at Migros Bank: Nicole Koller, Oli Estermann. Idea and implementation: Rod Communication.

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