WWF lets the endangered species themselves have their say

The stupid snipe makes us think. In an online campaign by WWF Switzerland against the hunting law, endangered animal species had their own say.


Sunday's vote on the Hunting Act decided the fate of Swiss wildlife such as lynx, beaver, brown hare and woodcock. Animals with which most of the millions of voters have never had direct contact. According to WWF Switzerland, it was high time to change this.

On behalf of the organization, a social media campaign was developed in which director Benjamin Weiss and conceptual designer Adrian Schräder let the animals themselves have their say. In four films, they express themselves in thought language about their situation and ask to protect them.

"I'm just a stupid snipe," says the woodcock, for example, to whom the Zurich rap legend Tinguely dä Chnächt lends his voice, and continues: "But don't protect me because of that? Do you have a bird? - Maybe soon no more."

The videos were used during the hot voting phase on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube and Linkedin and found prominent supporters such as the musicians Dabu Fantastic, Dodo and Greis, model and activist Tamy Glauser or the politicians Bastien Girod and Min Li Marti.


Responsible at WWF Switzerland: Gabor von Bethlenfalvy (responsible for large carnivores), Myriam Planzer (project manager "Hunting Law No"), Stefan Inderbitzin (Communication Advisor), Nadja von Burg (Social Media Manager). External Project Team: Adrian Schräder (text & concept), Michèle Roten, Patric dal Farra (text snipe), Benjamin Weiss (direction & production management, Matto Grosso Productions), Calvin Kröhne (digital). Audio: BLOOP Recording Studio, Roland "Roller" Frei & Inspirator Productions, Cyril Boehler. Speaker: Patrick Rapold, Gabi Steinmann, Patric dal Farra, Karim Slama, Camille Figuereo.

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