Jung von Matt/Limmat, Helsana and the SRC prepare for emergencies

Helsana and the Swiss Red Cross entered into a three-year partnership at the beginning of 2020. Jung von Matt/Limmat created the nationwide campaign for the two partners on the topic of "first aid" and the question of whether people are prepared to help in an emergency.


The willingness to provide first aid is high among the population - but only every second person feels able to do so. These are the findings of a recent study by the Swiss Red Cross and health insurer Helsana. The reason for this is a lack of or outdated knowledge.

Providing help, saving lives

With a national campaign created by Jung von Matt/Limmat, Helsana is raising awareness of the importance of first aid among the Swiss population. The aim of the emotional campaign is to encourage everyone to get to grips with the subject of first aid and refresh their own knowledge. The 30-second TV commercial tells the story of a young man who unexpectedly becomes a first aider at the bus stop in the morning.

The narrative mechanics of the film are completely backwards: The film begins with the first aid situation and then shows the first aider's journey from the scene of the incident to home. The images are shot in slow motion and accompanied by composed music - the sound effects are played backwards like the moving image. "Are you ready to help?" is the question at the end of the TV commercial, addressing viewers directly.


A commercial designed to shake things up 

Each and every one of us can suddenly find ourselves in the same situation as the first aider in the movie: you start the day without knowing that you will soon be providing someone with vital help. This is a wake-up call and raises awareness of the importance of first aid. The commercial will be shown on TV, in cinemas, online and on social media.


Responsible at Helsana Insurance (Marketing & Communication): Monika Luck (Head of Digital), Sabrina Molinari (Campaign Project Manager), Vanja Müller (Strategy & Concept), Linda Forster (Marketing Relations), Gabriela Braun (Content), Leo Steffen (Design), Vivienne Merz (Digital), Franziska Rutishauser (Customer Insights). Responsible at the Swiss Red Cross SRC: Isabelle Roos (Senior Account Manager Corporate Partnerships), Isabel Rutschmann (Content Manager), Stefanie Oehler (Head of Communications/Marketing Swiss Samaritan Federation SSB), Doris Howald (Marketing and Communications Specialist SSB), Renato Lampert (Interim Project Manager Education and Volunteer Management SSB). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Sören Schröder (Creative Direction), David Hanselmann (Art Direction), Sarina Pruschy (Graphics), Philipp Siegenthaler (Strategy), David Offermann (Project Management), Constantine Wrage (Agency Producing), Cyrill Hauser (Chief Client Officer). External partners: Meeto (director), Simon Habegger (photography), Nadia Rosasco (Rosas and Co Films), Thomas Winiger (südlich-t), Michael Schwarz (Jingle Jungle), Leila Fulford, Eliane Müller, Thomas Kambert (Mediaschneider).

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