Contexta shows the Appenzeller from its noble side

Appenzeller and Contexta are launching a new campaign for the latest variety of Appenzeller cheese: Edel-Würzig. The Appenzeller geanuso, like their cheese, show themselves from the very noble side.


In order to make the latest product known to a wider audience, the typical and popular Bänkli had to give way: instead of sitting on the rustic wooden bench, the three Alpine dairymen sit on a sumptuous sofa. And this is also where they enjoy their Edel-Würzig, perfectly in keeping with the campaign motto "We can also be noble."

The campaign includes posters, 6-second bumper ads, advertisements as well as posters, shelf flyers and screens at the POS.


Responsible at SO Appenzeller Käse: Rudolf Hegg (Head of Sales Promotion and Marketing). Responsible Agency: Contexta. Media: media cutter. ProductionCaspar Martig, Süsstrunk & Jericke (image processing).

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