"How are you?" campaign introduces emotional alphabet

"How are you?" is a campaign by the German-speaking cantons of Switzerland and the Pro Mente Sana Foundation on behalf of Health Promotion Switzerland. To remove the taboo surrounding mental health, an emotional alphabet was brought into focus as part of the current campaign, and an app was launched. Rod is responsible for the idea and implementation of the campaign. The alphabet was created by Foreal.

Wie geht‘s dir?

The "How are you?" campaign  puts the issue of mental health in the public eye and gives it visibility. Most recently, the campaign's sponsor, the "Atlas of Emotions" presented an emotional map. The study showed that the German-speaking Swiss tend to keep their feelings secret. In particular, people do not like to talk about negative feelings; they are hidden from their environment. This shows once again that de-tabooing is urgently needed.

It is well known that mental illnesses in Switzerland are still often treated too late or not at all. This is where "How are you?" comes in. After all, if stresses and strains are discussed at an early stage, help becomes possible and, in the best case, illnesses can be prevented.


Emotional alphabet as support

The campaign is based on the idea that everyone can do something for their own mental health in a more targeted way if they can find more precise answers to the question "How are you?" than "good" or "bad". If you consciously deal with your feelings and can name them - for example, that you feel "empty," "happy," "stressed," or "in love" - you can specifically address negative feelings and get help if necessary.

Noticing positive feelings is also important. Anyone who notices when things are going well and why can use this important resource. At Wie-gehts-dir.ch, the emotional alphabet for feelings from A to Z contains appropriate, empowering tips for taking care of your mental health. The alphabet is intended to help people better name their own emotional state.

Wie geht‘s dir?
The idea and implementation of the campaign came from the pen of Rod Kommunikation.

Novel app raises awareness and provides tips

The novel "How are you?" app has been specifically designed to meet the needs of younger people identified in the "Atlas of Emotions" and is intended to help sharpen awareness of one's own emotional state. In addition, the app provides recommendations tailored to the person's state of mind that help maintain and strengthen positive feelings or endure negative feelings and improve the way they are dealt with.

Wie geht‘s dir?

Responsible at How are you?: Sponsors of the "How are you?" campaign; Norina Schwendener, Nicole Tschanz, David Macalimbon, "How are you?" campaign office. Conception, creation and realization: Rod Communication. Illustrations/animations: Benjamin Simon, Dirk Schuster (Foreal). Implementation App: Konoma. Media Planning: Havas Media.

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