Quade & Zurfluh and the PBZ show where legends live

The Zurich agency Quade & Zurfluh has launched a streetcar campaign for the Pestalozzi Library Zurich.

Quade & Zurfluh

After celebrating the opening of the first public library in Kreis 5, the PBZ Schütze, in August 2019, the PBZ Pestalozzi-Bibliothek Zürich and Quade & Zurfluh are continuing the communication concept. Since Thursday, hanging boxes in the streetcars and buses of the city of Zurich have been drawing attention to the wide range of services offered by the PBZ. The core message is: "From A to PBZ" - At the PBZ, everyone finds what they are looking for. The PBZ is the place to be for all bookworms.

The headlines are based on famous books, movies, music bands and games that can be found in the library. The posters immediately make the respective work pop into the mind through striking visual features and matching headlines. For example, the claim "Where legends live. In the PBZ." indicates that the legend of Zorro can be found in the PBZ. For now, the letters P, B, Z, A, B, M and W can be seen. In a further step the alphabet will be completed.

Quade & Zurfluh

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