Wirz and Swica raise new questions

The campaign launched last year by Swica and Wirz is entering its second round. With new questions and a proven answer: Because health is everything.


Swica already adopted the claim "Because health is everything" in 2016, but it is only since last year that it has also been the focus of communication where health belongs for most people anyway: at the centre.

"Because health is everything" is the answer to all of Swica's questions and actions. And it is precisely these questions that form the core of the campaign. "Why do you score points with us for an active lifestyle?", "Why do we promote what's good for you?" or "Why can you now see your doctor at home?" are just some of the questions featured on the new advertising material. The answer is always the same: Because health is everything.


Responsible at Swica: Michael Schneider (Head of Marketing); Remo Tanner (Head of Marketing Services); Giovanna Oezdemir (Marketing Services Specialist); Helena Gubernale (Head of Online Marketing); Florence Schelling (Online Marketing Specialist). Responsible at Wirz: Livio Dainese, Caspar Heuss, Fernando Perez, Jannic Mascello, Adrian Busse (creation); Erasmo Palomba, Nadja Kilchhofer (agency producer); Petra Dreyfus, Catrin Bewersdorff, Manuela Bührer, Jelena Vujcic, Luana Tonoli (consulting); Adrian Schräder, Michèle Roten (storyline); Urs Krucker, Martin Frank (strategy); Adrian Huwyler, Björn Bippus-Brender, Angelo Mabellini, Aline Herzog, Nathalie Reichmuth (XLAB); Andrea Bosshard (production); Thomas Peller, Desirée Guzzo, Corinne Räber, Oliver Fäs, Rino Frei (media realisation); Sandra Beyer, Jacqueline Chevrolet (proofreading). Film: Camila Zapiola (Pumpkin Film, Director). Postproduction: South-t. Music and sound logo: Tonton. Sound design and sound mixing: Sound Studios Z. Photo Production: Lasse Bech Martinussen (Photographer, Danielle Stutz Photographers).

This year's campaign again consists of many different advertising media. These include six TV commercials, seven posters, three radio spots and a variety of digital measures. In Winterthur, where Swica is headquartered, a newly designed public bus is making its rounds again this year, both inside and out.

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