#WieDuUndIch: The new Pro-Infirmis campaign focuses on a popular internet phenomenon

In the new campaign by Pro Infirmis, people with disabilities occupy a popular Internet phenomenon.


An Internet phenomenon inspires people all over the world and moves them to join in: Children's photos faithfully recreated with the original as a model are among the most popular images on the Internet today. They combine humour, nostalgia, affection and a pinch of "weirdness" to create an inspiring form of Internet art. People with disabilities, however, are rarely seen in such pictures.


Then as now

With the #WieDuUndIch campaign, which can be seen throughout Switzerland from Monday 7 September 2020, Pro Infirmis is once again demonstrating that people with disabilities must be represented and seen everywhere as a natural part of our society. Therefore: when adult people voluntarily put on rainbow-coloured water wings or throw on their self-knitted jumper in 70s chic, there is only one valid reason: they are revisiting their childhood in a funny way. It doesn't matter whether the people have a disability or not, all people are equal here. For the new Pro Infirmis campaign, people with disabilities went through their photo album from childhood and show childhood photos that mean something to them and that they wanted to recreate. In doing so, they give a self-determined insight into personal moments from their childhood: That's me. Then and now.

Eight subjects were recreated in a professional photo shoot; partly on the spot where the photo was once taken, partly in a photo studio with elaborately recreated backgrounds - and always with props as true to detail as possible.


Those affected don't let it get them down

The new awareness campaign celebrates life. This includes beautiful and not so beautiful moments - and the range of all moments in between. At the same time, the photos are contemporary witnesses of our society and are seen by the protagonists in their respective contexts: "In the past, my arms were still hidden with a T-shirt," recalls Lorenz Vinzens as he takes stock of his very personal then and now. Or: "With several travellers in wheelchairs, we were sometimes put into freight wagons," recounts Jasmin Rechsteiner. For the people concerned, a disability is a life-long reality that demands a lot of them, but they don't let it get them down. This is shown by the subjects of the new Pro Infirmis campaign. They focus entirely on the humanity of their protagonists, on their development and the changes they go through in the course of life, just like all other people.


Social media campaign calls for solidarity

From 7 September 2020, the posters will hang throughout Switzerland. Other protagonists with disabilities will post their Then Today pictures on social media, and all the pictures, as well as making-of films and interviews with the protagonists, can be found on the Pro Infirmis website.

Parallel to the poster campaign, Pro Infirmis is launching a solidarity campaign on social media: With the hashtag #WieDuUndI, users can decorate their Facebook and Instagram profile picture and show their solidarity with people with disabilities. The goal is that the inclusion of people with disabilities takes place naturally and everywhere, offline and online. Because: It concerns us all.

For the 2020 campaign, Pro Infirmis worked with the CRK agency, as it did last year. In 2019, popular advertising subjects were re-enacted to show that people with disabilities do not usually feature in advertising. (Werbewoche.ch reported).

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