IKEA Switzerland and Rod commit to paternity leave

Job satisfaction - IKEA is making its mark in the current referendum campaign for two weeks' paternity leave to be enshrined in law. And in doing so, it is drawing on its own experience.


IKEA Switzerland introduced a six-week leave for expectant fathers in 2017 and has had the best experience with it. The company has recognized that those employees who are now in the family planning phase cultivate different life plans and set priorities differently than the generations before them.


Positive experience

IKEA set out to move with the times and meet changing needs between work and family life. As a result, the extended paternity leave not only gives employees the chance to build important bonds with their newborn children and organize themselves together with their partners within their new roles and responsibilities, but they also return to work more motivated, relaxed and creative.

IKEA Switzerland does not want to withhold its experience with extended paternity leave from Swiss voters ahead of the referendum on September 27. The effects of extended parental leave on the well-being of employees but also on the attractiveness and thus competitiveness of a company are too clearly positive, IKEA said in a statement on Monday.


Advantages on the market

Aurel Hosennen, Head of Communications at IKEA Switzerland: "Our experience with our leave model for fathers has been very good. Of course, motivated employees and, as a result, more satisfied customers thank us for it. But the longer paternity leave also gives us as a company decisive advantages on the market. Namely, when it comes to remaining innovative and recruiting the best people for the job. Companies that want to play a leading role in their industry depend on this."

The campaign for more paternity leave launched by IKEA aims to explain to voters, in typical IKEA fashion, how easy it is to make an important, society-shaping decision in favor of more family time, more equal opportunities and ultimately more job satisfaction. In the style of IKEA's well-known assembly instructions, voters are told how they can help make the country more family-friendly. The campaign was created by Rod Kommunikation.

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