Seed realizes library film of a different kind for ZHAW

The Seed agency has produced a film for the ZHAW University Library. It is primarily aimed at new students.


The ZHAW University Library offers a wide range of media and learning resources at the Wädenswil, Winterthur and Zurich campuses. The staff support students in all matters relating to research and the acquisition of media. Nevertheless, libraries are considered dusty, especially by new students. With the film, the ZHAW University Library wants to encourage its students, with a wink, to take a closer look at what it has to offer.

The film will be shown at information events and online.

Responsible at ZHAW: Esther Bättig, Gabriela Lüthi, Margrit Meyer Kälin, Simon Nüssli, Sylvia Wanke. Responsible at Seed: Adrian Wisard (writer, director, editor); Atila Ulcay (director of photography); Pippo Gentile (production manager); Bettina Frymerman (production manager); Felix Courvoisier (producer).

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