Pink, Bosch and stress fight against food waste

Bosch, a manufacturer of household appliances, wants to raise awareness of the issue of food waste. Together with rapper Stress and the agency Rosarot, a comprehensive content campaign was implemented - with landing page, competitions and a "Food Waste" rap.


At the center of the campaign is a 60-second music clip. While jogging through Lausanne, Stress notices bizarre and unusual everyday situations. The recurring lettering "Fresh" accompanies the singer all the way home. When he reaches for his water bottle, he discovers it in his Bosch refrigerator with VitaFreshPro drawer. Its freshness-keeping technology is said to keep food fresh up to three times longer. Inspired by the technology that helps people avoid food waste, Stress uses rap at the end of the clip to call on people to consume consciously and throw away less food: "penser durable.


Private households are the biggest food waste producers

With around one million metric tons of food waste - equivalent to a share of 39 percent - private households are the biggest source of food waste, ahead of the food industry (37 percent), the food service industry (9 percent), agriculture (9 percent), and the retail trade (4 percent). By developing household appliances, Bosch wants to help reduce this food waste and thus develop a more sustainable lifestyle.


Recipes and tips against food waste

The campaign is accompanied by the landing page with content on the topic of food waste, recipes for menus with leftovers, tips against food waste and an interview with Stress. In addition to the landing page, Rosarot has also implemented other measures such as animated online banners, native ads and POS material. The campaign also includes two competitions. Besides the main raffle #boschfresh, where concert tickets and a meet & greet with Stress can be won, there is also a raffle for hoodies signed by Stress with the "fresh" logo on the front.


Responsible at SH Switzerland: André Franz (Head of Marketing); Regine Schoeller (Brand Communication Manager); Graziella Potenza (Brand Communication Manager). Responsible at Rosarot: René Karrer (Creative Direction); Andreas Steiner (Strategy); Pascal Knill (Senior Consulting); Thorsten Hainke (Senior Text & Concept); Fabio Montefiori, Flavia Hänni (Graphics & DTP); Danusha Kuchtova (Content). Production: Antonin Halm Production. Media: MediaCom. Social media: Fire point.

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