Free internet, for this PAM and Twifi choose the child's name

Anyone who names their child Twifia or Twifius will get 18 years of free Internet from the new Internet provider Twifi. The Zurich agency PAM Advertising is responsible for the launch campaign of a somewhat different kind.


In August, the new Internet provider Twifi on the market. To draw attention to its name, the agency has come up with the following promotion: parents who give their newborn the name Twifia or Twifius will receive free Internet from Twifi for 18 years. Proof of the baby's name will be the civil birth certificate, which parents can upload via the Twifi homepage. Let's see how many parents-to-be are persuaded by this deal.


Responsible at Twifi: Philippe Fotsch (Managing Director). Responsible at PAM Advertising: Parvez Sheik Fareed, Miro Pfister (creation, strategy).

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