Valencia and Economiesuisse campaign against the termination initiative

Valencia Kommunikation developed the communication for Economiesuisse's campaign against the dismissal initiative. The task: to get to the heart of a complex issue in a simple and emotional way.


On September 27, 2020, Switzerland will vote on the SVP's dismissal initiative. According to Economiesuisse, accepting the initiative would put Switzerland's prosperity at risk - even more so in the coronavirus crisis. A broad-based "No" committee has therefore been formed under the leadership of the business association.


Ballooning visual explains facts

Getting to the heart of the matter of the vote was a particular challenge for Valencia. Valencia CEO Michael Gerber explains it as follows: "The message we had to convey is complex. Unlike the proponent side, we can't work with a simple trigger that calls up emotional fear reflexes. We therefore developed a visual that triggers a mental movie. We show a harmonious situation. This is in danger. The viewer now knows how the story could end. If the viewer wants to preserve the harmony of the image, they have to intervene and give the right answer at the ballot box. The Swiss success story can only continue with a no vote."

This resulted in the visual of the balloon flight, which is made possible by the bilateral agreements and whose soaring flight could be abruptly ended by the termination initiative. Valencia won a competitive presentation with this visual.

When developing the visual, the focus was also on its applicability to other communication measures such as moving images or a roadshow. "The balloon motif fulfills this important point particularly well," says concept developer Sebastian Refardt. Accordingly, it was adapted to a wide range of communication measures: Moving images for online use and Passenger TV, roadshow, giveaways, flyers, posters, advertisements.


Image background adapted to the region

By changing the background of the picture, the subject was able to gain additional relevance for viewers from the various regions of Switzerland. The harmonious situation as well as the emerging danger are thus more immediate. Panoramic photos of Basel, Zurich and Bern were taken with a drone.


Coronavirus has an impact

The current pandemic situation posed a particular challenge, which was not yet an issue when the campaign was planned and designed, and also brought changes to the line of argumentation. "The extraordinary situation not only changes our perspective on topics such as prosperity and security, but also brings with it concrete and tangible changes in everyday life," says Oliver Steimann, Campaign Manager at Economiesuisse. Accordingly, parts of the campaign have been rebalanced in consultation with Economiesuisse.

The campaign is currently running until the vote on September 27, 2020.


Responsible at Economiesuisse: Oliver Steimann (Campaign Manager); Nicole Wiedemeier (Project Manager Communications & Campaigns); Sushil Aerthott (Head of Online). Responsible at Valencia Communication: Michael Gerber (CEO); Tommy Schilling (CCO); Claudia Paganini (Senior Account Director); Corinne Fritschi (Junior Consultant); Marc Groth (Art Director Motion Design); Katrin Deubelbeiss (Junior Art Director); Ana Estepa Garcia (Interactive Media Designer); Sebastian Refardt (Senior Copywriter); Sylvia Schneider, Marina Onofri (Polygraphers). Photography: Kilian Kessler. Styling: Arianna Pianca. Hair / Make up: Davide Asquini. Production Shooting: Chrissy Skory (Luminosa Production). Image processing/retouching: Patrik Rohner (Rohner Retouch), Lily Metzker Creative Retouch, Wombat Studios. Production Roadshow: Spool, Mathis Felsche (project manager).

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