Get Some Popcorn realizes interactive short films for BFU

"How would you decide?" This is the central question a prevention campaign asks young adults. The concept focuses on developing personal responsibility among drivers and their passengers instead of well-meaning advice from the adult world. Get Some Popcorn has produced three interactive short films for the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention BFU.

Get Some Popcorn

It is a fact that young drivers exhibit specific risk-taking behaviour. They seek competition, enjoy speed, want to give themselves an attractive profile. This is dangerous in road traffic, especially when the pressure of the group is added. In classroom discussions, young people learn how to deal with this pressure and find their own alternative ways out of this dynamic.

Get Some Popcorn's three interactive short films, one from each language region, address the most common causes of accidents among new drivers: Fatigue, Speed and Alcohol. The target audience is students at vocational schools and grammar schools, i.e. current and future new drivers. The stories of the films are fictitious, but based on real accidents: The cause, time, region, people involved and consequences of the accident are all true. On the Campaign website the interactive short films can be played through.


Responsible at the BFU: Thomas Kramer (Research Associate Traffic Behaviour, Project Manager); Claudia Schär (Responsible Digital Media). Responsible at Get Some Popcorn: Dominik Bauer (director, concept, screenplay); Raphael Fischler (camera and editing); Oliver Muff (head lighting); Désirée Wismer (production, concept, screenplay, cast); Christian Jäggi (screenplay, concept, production); Omar Manai (camera assistant, editing); Gregory Köfer (camera assistant); Marco Frei (grading).

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