CSS and Sir Mary say "Hello Life"

With "Hallo Leben", the Zurich agency Sir Mary has created a new positioning for CSS Versicherung. The extensive launch campaign aims to inspire people to deal openly and positively with their personal destiny.


CSS Versicherung's new campaign exemplifies its own attitude right away by breaking with conventional advertising: Instead of showing only happy people and moments, CSS focuses on honesty and confrontation with the reality of life. In the campaign, everything that we encounter and can happen to us in everyday life is greeted with a "hello" - including serious illnesses such as dementia and cancer.

Responsible at CSS: Marco Imboden (Head of Corporate Communications), Reto Schertenleib (Head of Marketing Communication). In charge at Sir Mary's: Florian Beck, Andi Portmann, Pascal Baumann, Katrin Espelage, Constantin Camesasca, Thomas Berger, Torben Cording, Tobias Roeben, Paul Gutjahr, Kerstin Lezuch, Delia Guerriero, Jana Mohr, Ludwig Berndl, Nicolas Hostettler, Julia Fischhaber, Iva Bozovic, Rosanna Grüter, Pascal Baumgartner, Stephanie Gygax, Daniel Zuberbühler. Production TVC: Markenfilm Switzerland, Director: Georgi Banks- Davies, DoP: Tim Sidell, Executive Producer: Uli Scheper, Producer: Michael Gloor, Editor: Bela Adami, Music Composition: California Music (Malte Hagemeister & Kristian Nord). Production Content Stories: Shining Film, Director/Screenwriter: Maximilian Speidel, Cinematographer: Natalie Kamber, Executive Producer: Leonardo Sanfilippo, Producer: Alessandra Dolci, Music: Pablo Nouvelle, Photography: Fergus Padel, Photo Production: Lina Baumann, Maximilian Baumann, Sarah Baumeler, Art Buying: Kerstin Mende. Health Study: Michael Hermann/Sotomo, Media: Mediaschneider Bern


"Hello Life" has an impact deep into the core of the company. To ensure that all CSS employees internalize the new attitude and can act accordingly in the future, internal company webinars were held prior to the campaign launch. After all, every employee will be confronted with "Hello Life" in their day-to-day work: in collaboration between Sir Mary and CSS, various corporate areas such as employer branding have been realigned in terms of communication.

The new campaign goes on air three months late: With a complete film crew, actors and scouted locations at the start, it was "Hello Corona" on the very first day of shooting. The lockdown necessitated the complete abandonment of filming and subsequently required solution-orientation and patience from all those involved. Until finally, in July, the TV spots could be shot successfully and in conformity with Corona.

The kick-off campaign for the new CSS brand attitude manifests itself in television and online spots, on posters, ads, banners, in public reports, radio spots and social media as well as on Hello-life.ch.



More than an advertising campaign

"It was already clear to us during the pitch phase that CSS needed more than just an advertising campaign. "Hallo Leben" is a relevant brand attitude that sets CSS apart from the competition and lives up to its position as Switzerland's leading health insurer," says Daniel Zuberbühler, co-founder and client service director at Sir Mary. "We are therefore extremely proud that we were able to develop an entire brand philosophy with "Hello Life"."

With "Hello Life", CSS Insurance wants to inspire people to deal openly and positively with difficult life situations - a topical issue. For example, Sir Mary and the Sotomo research center surveyed 4217 Swiss people about how they deal with illness and health. And the nationwide survey shows, among other things, that young people in particular often hide their illnesses and problems because they are afraid of the reactions from those around them. All the more important, then, the role of a health insurance company - or a health partner, as CSS sees itself - is to take a step toward openness and the removal of taboos. "Nobody is always healthy. We all have our problems. If we can say 'hello' to them, it means we are ready to accept them and seek help." It's an emotional process that's not easy, but can be decisive in determining whether you succeed in finding your way back to an everyday life that is as healthy and happy as possible," explains Reto Schertenleib, Head of Marketing Communications at CSS.

The new content format "Stories about health and happiness" also demonstrates these emotions. In it, six CSS policyholders talk about their fateful lives, which for them are extremely challenging but still, or precisely because of this, a happy one: from Cristine, who was seriously ill with breast cancer at the age of 30, to Antonino, who has been going through life with various traumas since his motorcycle accident. All these stories are given an emotional framework by a TV spot that highlights the various aspects of the campaign in short sequences.

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