Ricardo and Contexta define the new New

With the new brand campaign of Contexta Ricardo stands for a new form of consumption and positions Secondhand as a real alternative to new goods.


Despite the many added values that secondhand offers, around a third of Swiss people have never bought secondhand. A representative survey shows that - in addition to concerns about selection and condition - many people simply do not have secondhand on their radar screen as an alternative to new goods.

In order to change this, the online marketplace has developed a brand campaign in collaboration with the creative nomads from Contexta, which positions Ricardo's Secondhand as the antithesis of new goods. With the message "Discover the new new" and backwards shot spots, the aim is to encourage a reversal of shopping behaviour.


Responsible at Ricardo: Christine Moch (Project Management); Priska Cavelti (CMO). Responsible Agency: Contexta. Production: Shining movie. Directed by: Mitch Bekk. Music: Pablo Nouvelle. Recording Studio: UKO.

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