Contexta launches 100-franc voucher campaign for Valais

The creative nomads of Contexta and Valais/Wallis Promotion want to boost the Valais economy with an action campaign.

Blib wie due bisch. (Raclette) 0-3 screenshot

In July, the canton of Valais launched a campaign for holidaymakers in the Valais, giving away 100,000 vouchers worth CHF 100. The voucher is available for as little as two hotel nights and can be redeemed almost anywhere in the Valais.


Eine crossmediale Kampagne soll sicherstellen, dass die ganze Schweiz innert kurzer Zeit von dieser Aktion erfährt. Unter dem Motto «Blib wie dü bisch. Gniesses jetz no meh.» soll ein weiteres Mal auf menschliche Art und Weise gezeigt werden, dass man im Wallis ganz sich selbst sein kann. Die Kampagne schliesst nahtlos an die erfolgreiche Kampagne «Chum, wie dü bisch», wo das Wallis Gäste nach dem Lockdown-Ende auch gerne mit Corona-Frisuren willkommen hiess.


"The campaign has been very successful," says Mathias Fleischmann, Director of Experience and Market Management at Valais/Wallis Promotion. "It was important to us not simply to distribute vouchers, but also to make people want to travel to Valais with a human insight."

The campaign started on August 3. The lead medium TV is supported by the distributions on social media.


Responsible at Valais/Wallis Promotion: Damian Constantin (Director), Alessandro Marcolin (Marketing Director), Madeleine Savioz (Head of Communications). Responsible Lead Agency: Contexta. Media: Mediasschneider Bern. Production: Shining; Director/Cinematographer: Janic Halioua, Producers: Leo Sanfilippo and Alessandra Dolci.

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