"Restart: Content and form launches initiative for a healthy Swiss economy

The Covid 19-related lockdown not only put the brakes on social activities, but also brought the Swiss economy to a partial standstill. In order to revive the economy after the easing, Inhalt und Form and its partners have launched "Restart Switzerland". The initiative is intended to contribute to a recovery of the Swiss economy.

inhalt und Form

The result is a national campaign to make the Swiss population aware of the importance of consumption. The campaign shows that by making a purchase you can not only please yourself, but indirectly also others, and at the same time boost the Swiss economy. For example, buying a packet of potato crisps can have the effect of increasing Switzerland's birth rate.

At the heart of the campaign are nine TV commercials that tell the story of how a consumer's purchase triggers a chain reaction that ultimately helps to make other people happy - and saves the Swiss economy at the same time.


"We wanted to become active and also do what we do best as an advertising agency during the lockdown - generate attention, raise awareness and encourage people to buy," says Dominik Stibal, CEO of Inhalt und Form and initiator of "Restart Switzerland". "We have taken responsibility ourselves with this initiative and made a contribution to a healthy Swiss economy."

inhalt und Form

Dominik Stibal, CEO of Inhalt und Form and initiator, wants the initiative to contribute to a healthy Swiss economy.


Multifaceted cooperation

The fact that other partners were quickly found for the initiative shows that it was not just the Zurich advertising agency that felt this way: In addition to the performance partners Goldbach as well as the production companies Zweihund, The Cover Media and the translation agency Diction, the advertising clients Emmi, Emil Frey, Ochsner Sport, Profital, Promena, Sanofi, Schweizer Obstverband, TCS and Zweifel were won over to the initiative and are now part of the campaign with their products and services. The initiative is also supported by the SWA/ASA and Promarca trade associations.

"It is great to see that in such a short time - and during the Covid 19-related difficult circumstances - such a campaign could be realized together with our members and partners. This only works if everyone pulls together," says Roland Ehrler, Director of the SWA.

The national campaign was launched on Thursday, just in time for the Federal Council's latest big relaxations. In addition to TV spots, online videos, display ads, DOOH as well as advertisements and the landing page will be used. Restart-switzerland.ch.


Initiator, idea, concept and realisation: Content and form advertising agency. Performance Partner: Goldbach Group with the clients represented by its subsidiaries (media services); Zweihund (film production); The Cover Media (sound and post production); iundf Media Impact (media agency); Diction (translation). Supported by: Swiss Advertisers Association SWA/ASA; Promarca.

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