Now makes numbers Ba-Bing

Viseca is now going on the mobile payment offensive together with Apple Pay. Equipe provides the campaign for this.

apple pay

Mobile contactless payment is currently more relevant than ever before. In line with the new normality, the credit card issuer Viseca now wants to join forces with Apple and participating Swiss banks to make mobile payments with Apple Pay a success in this country as well.

A step that is obvious in view of an iPhone share of over 40%. Because with their Apple device, many Swiss already have the simplest and most secure mobile payment solution currently available. Click the button twice. Look at the screen once. Hold the iPhone up to the terminal. And that's it. The only thing you have to do is activate your credit card once.

This is precisely what Viseca now wants to motivate Switzerland to do. The simple message: You can either continue to make life difficult for yourself. Or you can use your credit card together with your iPhone or Apple Watch for fast, easy and contactless payments with Apple Pay.


Viseca relies completely on the services of Equipe for the introduction of Apple Pay. Together, everything from strategy to out-of-home, online videos, social media campaigning and the campaign landing page to 1-2-1 measures were developed and implemented together.

The entire media strategy, media planning, media buying and ad operations for all media channels, including SEA, are also delivered for the campaign by Equipe from a single source.

apple pay

Responsible at Viseca: Sandra Ulrich (Head Marketing), Tsering Ngorkhangsar (Digital Marketing Manager), Tobias Wirth (Head Digital Business), Irnanda Muchtadi (Digital Product Lead). Film production: Derderler, directed by Henrik Hanson. Responsible agency: Equipe.

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