Heimat Zürich and Bank Cler celebrate the great potential of small money

Bank Cler celebrates the great potential of small money. Home underlines this in the new investment campaign for the bank.

Bank Cler

Everyone knows the saying "He who does not honor the centime is not worth the franc. But Bank Cler also believes that the franc itself deserves more appreciation. Because although everyone knows the "Einfränkler" and uses it constantly in everyday life - we hardly pay any attention to it as "small change". And yet we underestimate what this small, silvery coin contains.


Asset investment for all

At Bank Cler, 1 franc corresponds exactly to the minimum investment volume for a professional investment solution. An investment by experts is therefore not only reserved for people who already have assets. This is only fair, because especially after the recent upheavals on the stock markets, everyone should be able to take advantage of the attractive long-term opportunities.

Consequently, Bank Cler's new investment campaign proclaims the promising message that every penny is an opportunity, and focuses on the single franc with a series of subjects.

In addition to posters and advertisements, the wide-ranging communication measures also include films and online banners. The campaign is additionally activated by context-related banners, a special poster campaign, and public reports on the topic.


Responsible at Bank Cler: Gregor Eicher, Barbara Gürtler, Markus Wittenbecher. Responsible agency: Home Zurich. Photography: Oliver Nanzig. Media agency: PHD Switzerland.

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