Switzerland Tourism stirs up anticipation

For inspiration and to fuel the anticipation of upcoming excursions and summer weekend trips in Switzerland already in the office routine, Switzerland Tourism provides video call backgrounds with the most beautiful Swiss locations along the Grand Tour of Switzerland - for Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams.


Switzerland's nature is in full bloom and the Swiss mountains, lakes and alpine passes beckon for extensive hikes or bike tours. From now on, locals and soon guests from Europe can experience Switzerland in all its diversity. For inspiration and to fuel anticipation, Switzerland Tourism is aptly implementing the "Switzerland is calling" campaign where everyone is now almost every day: in video calls on Zoom, Skype or Microsoft Teams.

The tourism organisation is providing 24 video call backgrounds from all over Switzerland - from the vineyards of Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean-like shores of Lake Lucerne and the Gotthard Pass - and is calling for people to join in on social media. 


Road Trip Contest

Anyone who uses one of the images as a background in the video call and sends a screenshot of it to Switzerland Tourism via direct message on the social media channels will be entered into the prize draw. Each week, a section of the Grand Tour of Switzerland will be raffled off among the participants. The Action runs in Switzerland, Germany, Austria, France and the United Kingdom until 12 June 2020.


Responsible at Switzerland Tourism: Dominic Stöcklin (Head of Social Media); Maria Wetzel (Social Media Manager); Natalie Schönbächler (Social Media Manager); Liên Burkard (Corporate Communications). Responsible at Jung von Matt/Limmat: Martin Winther (Creative Direction); Frederik Dreier (Text); Ian Musgrove (Art Direction); Sabrina Izumi (Consulting); Wolfgang Bark (Executive Creative Director); Cyrill Hauser (Chief Client Officer).

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