Serviceplan Suisse stages the little things in life in a big way

The lockdown is gradually being eased and Switzerland is picking up speed again. In keeping with the regained freedom, Mini has launched a summer promotion in which selected models can be purchased at a reduced price: With "Enjoy the Mini things in life" Serviceplan Suisse brings post-lockdown spring feelings to swing.


Two key visuals highlight the small moments that make driving a pleasure. Experiencing the airstream or being together in nature - these are Mini moments that are experienced even more intensively after the lockdown and at the same time emotionally reflect the Mini spirit.

The two subjects were shot during the lockdown and thus under completely different conditions. Both the shooting in a moving car through downtown Zurich and the shots at the idyllic Obersee in Glarnerland had to comply with the applicable hygiene and protective measures such as social distancing. A new challenge, but one that in no way compromised the emotionality of the final product.

The campaign is being used immediately in advertisements, various online advertising media and at the POS.


Responsible for Mini:Timo Di Pardo (Director MINI), Adrian Kwasnitza (Head Marketing Mini), Fabian Schlatter (Communication Mini).
Responsible at Serviceplan Suisse:Nadja Tandler (Art Direction), Michael Kathe (Creative Direction), Kelsang Gope (Text), Sidonie Bauer, Andrea Menzi (Consulting), Eliane Bachmann (Art Buying ), Barbara Meier, Victor Borel (Media Realisation), Kurt Bösiger, Dominic Shota Schweingruber (Motion Design), Raul Serrat and Pam Hügli (Overall Responsibility); Yves Bachmann (Photographer), Katrin Lohman (Producer), Vizeum (Media Agency).

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