Pro Senectute strengthens generational cohesion

The largest professional and service organization for old age in Switzerland launches a new awareness campaign created by Thjnk Zurich and shows in its film that old age has many indispensable jobs - and seniors are an important part of our society.


The Corona crisis hits everyone hard. The retreat into the private sphere and into self-isolation weighed on the minds of older people in particular. Depending on their state of health and type of housing, the social isolation meant that important daily structures were lost. A feeling of exclusion spread. Or even worse, being perceived as a "burden" on society. At the same time, voices were raised that the working generation felt left alone to cope with the crisis. The first signs accumulated that senior citizens were being blamed for the shutdown.

For this reason, Pro Senectute appeals to generational solidarity. It is more in demand than ever. Only if young and old continue to stick together can the challenges ahead be mastered - even in the time after the crisis.

Together with Thjnk Zurich, Pro Senectute stages senior citizens in their daily activities in connection with the working generation in an emotional film. And thus shows that older people are an important part of a prosperous Switzerland, and thus make an important contribution. Thus, the film shows the many different "side jobs" of the older generation for the working population in Switzerland.

From the "trustee" who helps with the bookkeeping for a young bar owner to the "psychologist" who stands by her daughter on the phone with patience and advice. In keeping with Pro Senectute's credo, which has been used for years and has never been more apt than today: "Stronger together". The film was conceived within a very short time and implemented in compliance with the FOPH's Covid 19 guidelines.

Since the Ascension weekend, the spot has been shown on Swiss television and in various online formats.

Responsible at Pro Senectute: Alain Huber (Director), Peter Burri (Head of Communications), Tatjana Kistler (Media Officer). Responsible at Thjnk Zurich: Alexander Jaggy (GF Creation), Andrea Bison (GF Consulting), Lukas Amgwerd (Text), Lukas Frischknecht (Art Direction), Manuela Käslin, Marie Vuilleumier (Project Management), Gordon Nemitz (GF Strategy). Responsible at Stories: Humbi Entress (director), Jan Mettler (DOP), Michèle Seligmann (executive producer), Debby Caplunik (line producer), Edoardo Moruzzi (post production). Other responsible persons: Gian Dolder (Music), Manuela Birghan (Head of Sales, Admeira), Kartheepan Sivakumaran (Project Manager Online Marketing, Xeit).

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