KSP and Volkswagen are "On the road again at last

Together with KSP and the campaign "Finally on the road again", Volkswagen celebrates the departure from the lockdown - with distance, of course. For the future, for the whole of Switzerland and above all for the joy of life.


Volkswagen partner showrooms have been open again since May 11. It goes without saying that comprehensive protection, hygiene and prevention measures are being observed. This opening is now accompanied in a first step by the cross-media image campaign "Finally on the road again". It focuses for a lot of reach and visibility on the channels that have gained even more importance through Covid-19: TV, digital and social media. And, of course, it can also be seen in owned media and at POS. The campaign includes a TV spot, a social media spot and a variety of digital assets, among others. In a second step, an offer campaign will follow.


The remarkable thing about it is that all the film sequences, the film music and also the campaign images originally came from Volkswagen's extensive content archive. And thus from all over Europe.

And of course, the entire campaign was created in the home office, KSP writes in a statement. "In the shortest possible time, in close cooperation between the client-agency core team and with an extreme amount of pleasure and joy."


Responsible at AMAG Import Volkswagen: Christian Wiegel (Brand Director); Melanie Felder (Team Leader Marketing Communication). Responsible at KSP: Daniel Krieg (creative direction); Alba Rau (art direction); Barbara Sarras (text); Lukas Vigniti, Jelena Germann (editing); Barbara Zingg (consulting); Bianca Jäger (production); Slaughterhouse (post production); Jingle Jungle (sound); Mediacom (media); SOP (social media).

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