Ticino woos guests from German- and French-speaking Switzerland with a new campaign

Ticino Turismo launched a multi-stage campaign on Monday aimed primarily at guests from German- and French-speaking Switzerland.


The tourism sector in Ticino is preparing to welcome guests again. Since 4 May 2020, hotels are once again allowed to accommodate tourists. The majority of Ticino's accommodation establishments will therefore open their doors in the course of the month. On 11 May, restaurants, bars, museums and retail outlets were given the go-ahead. A further step is to follow on 8 June, when it is expected that all other tourist service providers will also be allowed to resume their operations. This clear timetable will enable Ticino Turismo to start courting guests again. A multi-stage campaign is being launched and is aimed primarily at tourists north of the Alps.

"See you soon - Ticino is looking forward to seeing you".

After Ticino had to ask its guests with a heavy heart to stay at home at Easter, the moment has now come to actively court them again. "After the crisis, we are now entering the recovery phase with the opening of hotels and restaurants," explains Angelo Trotta, director of Ticino Turismo. "The last few weeks have shown us all how important tourists are for the canton of Ticino. They will therefore be more than welcome." 

This part of the campaign is heralded by the slogan "See you soon - Ticino is looking forward to seeing you".

"We want our Swiss guests to know that tourism in Ticino is coming back to life," explains Manuela Nicoletti, Marketing Director of Ticino Turismo. "The solidarity from the rest of Switzerland for Ticino has been great. Many have contacted us via social media over the past few weeks expressing how much they missed visiting Italian Switzerland at Easter. A key part of this phase of our campaign will therefore be to keep in close contact with guests via social media, featuring Ticino fans' favourite places." 

With the relaxation phase come the first steps towards normality and holidays in one's own country will be possible for Swiss people. To generate bookings for the summer and autumn seasons, Ticino Turismo has therefore joined forces with its distribution partner Swiss Travel Center Special offers where guests benefit from a 20 percent discount on the daily rate of selected Ticino hotels until 31.10.2020. Hotels of all categories are included.


Relaunch of Ticino tourism with the message "Exoticism is so close".

The complete relaunch of Ticino Tourism is currently scheduled for June, so that Ticino Turismo will then move into the next phase of the cross-media marketing campaign. When the other tourist service providers are expected to be able to reopen on 8 June 2020, the motto will be "Welcome back - Bentornato". Under the motto "Exoticism is so close", the various exotic, Mediterranean landscape aspects of Italian-speaking Switzerland will then be shown. In addition, guests will continuously receive concrete tips for summer holidays in Ticino. These include places of strength in nature to regain energy after the crisis, ideas for hiking and cycling excursions or water activities. In addition, hygiene will play a more important role for holiday guests than before, which is why this factor, which is actually taken for granted in Swiss hotels and restaurants, will be more strongly addressed in Ticino Turismo's communication in future. The aim is to highlight the fact that safe travel is guaranteed in Ticino.


Hope for German guests in summer

The possible opening of the borders with Germany, France and Austria from 15 June 2020 was held out, so that foreign tourists could also spend their summer holidays in Switzerland. "Even though the largest share of guests in Ticino traditionally comes from Switzerland, we usually have many visitors from southern Germany, especially in August and September," explains director Angelo Trotta. "With the opening of the border before the summer holiday season, Italian-speaking Switzerland could thus also be an attractive alternative to the usual beach holidays on the Mediterranean for Germans."


"Vivi il tuo Ticino" - Holidays for Ticino residents in their home canton

In addition to the campaign to attract guests from outside the canton, the Ticino government last week launched the "Vivi il tuo Ticino" project together with Ticino Turismo and the Cantonal Bank. The aim is to boost the local tourism economy and encourage the local population to rediscover their canton. To this end, all residents of Ticino will receive vouchers offering a 20 percent discount on hotel accommodation in the southernmost canton and restaurant vouchers worth CHF 25, which can be redeemed in local restaurants. The promotion is valid from 22 June to 30 September 2020.

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