Karling and Sihlcity say "Welcome Back"

Zurich agency Karling has launched a reopening campaign for Sihlcity.


After weeks of lockdown, shops, hairdressers, fitness centres etc. are allowed to reopen - gradually and of course in accordance with the hygiene recommendations of the FOPH. With the reopenings, some normality is finally returning to people's everyday lives. Because for many, their hair is already far too long, their muscles far too flabby and even their wardrobe could do with a few updates.

The gradual return to normality gives everyone a good feeling. That's why Karling has created a motto and a look for Sihlcity that express this joy: Welcome Back with a Heart. The reopenings of the stores are promoted with social media posts that tell with a smile why people are so excited about the return of the hairdressers, florists, fitness trainers and co. In addition, posters, e-boards and floor stickers in the form of oversized doormats are being used. Two distribution campaigns for employees and visitors round off the appearance.


Responsible at SihlcityMarianne Guldimann, Jessica Graf, Corinne Wiederkehr. Responsible at KarlingRolf Helfenstein, Verena Bernasconi, Daniel Serrano, Patrick Suter, Gjin Paloka. Implementation Visual: Kattphatt.

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