Branders for Sanitas: Together has never been more important than now

Branders designed an emotional campaign for Sanitas under the communicative guiding idea "Together for your health". It pleads for a careful approach to one's own health after the gradual relaxation of the state of emergency, and thus to work together for the health of all.


As a health partner, Sanitas offers offers and services designed to provide special support to people in Switzerland during these challenging times. Those who take care of their health and strengthen their immune system not only feel better personally, but also contribute to the well-being of the community and a healthier future for all.

With an emotional TV spot, Sanitas underlines its attitude of togetherness. In addition to the 30-second TV spot, various short spots on digital and social media channels link to a landing page with healthy offers and interesting information.


Responsible at Sanitas: Kaspar Trachsel (Head of Sales and Marketing); Valentin Hüsser (Head of Brand Management); Marco Chini (Head of Campaigning and Events); Britta Mickeler (Marketing Manager); Claudia Sebald (Head of Content and Corporate Communications). Responsible at BrandersRené Allemann (CEO); Thom Pfister (Executive Creative Director); Marisa Güntlisberger (Director Omnichannel Experience); Walter Tagliaferri (Director Advertising); Patrik Bockhacker (Brand Consultant); Katja Wölfel (Senior Copywriter). Responsible at Rosas'n'Co: Nadia Rosasco (owner and producer); Bram van Alphen (director). Responsible at MediaschneiderJanine Nussbaumer (Client Service Director). Responsible at WebrepublicKatja Martinello (Head of Creation); Vittorio Mares (Senior Consultant SEA).

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